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Our highly knowledgeable staff is here to assist you in all aspects of your worker’s compensation claim.  Whether it is claim allowance or closure, loss of earning power benefits, time loss, social security offset issues, vocational benefits or permanent disability, our staff is here to support you in your worker’s compensation claim.

We deal with the Department of Labor & Industries as well as self-insured employers and provide claimants with representation before the Department of Labor & Industries, Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals, Superior Court, Court of Appeals and Supreme Court.  This can be a very stressful process for the worker and we help alleviate the stress when it comes to worker’s compensation.

Our Attorneys

Gerald L. Casey – Licensed in 1965, Mr. Casey has a wealth of experience navigating the governmental agencies and court processes and works aggressively on behalf of his clients.  Mr. Casey is in the unique position of having worked as an Assistant Attorney General representing the Department of Labor & Industries for a number of years.  Since 1979, Mr. Casey has represented injured workers.

Carol L. Casey – Licensed in 1988, Ms. Casey has worked with a multitude of complex cases to provide favorable results and compassionate representation for her clients.

Tara J. Reck – Licensed in 2006, Mrs. Reck worked as a supervising attorney in several of the finest workers’ compensation law firms in Washington State.

Sample cases

Here is a representative sample of published cases which illustrate our commitment to obtaining all benefits to which the injured worker is entitled:

Watson v. Dept. of Labor & Indus., 133 Wn.App. 903 (2006).  (Addressing proper calculation of the worker’s time loss benefits).

Hoa Doan v. Dept. of Labor & Indus., 143 Wn.App. 596 (2008).  (Action to prevent the Department from taking unfair advantage of a worker in issuing a premature Department order).

Loushin v. ITT Rayonier, 84 Wn.App. 113 (1996).  (Defending the worker from a self-insured employer’s challenge to a trial court’s decision reopening the worker’s claim after his condition became aggravated).

Jacobsen v. Dept. of Labor & Indus., 127 Wn.App. 384 (2005).  (Defending the worker from the Department’s challenge to a trial court’s decision which required to Department to act in accordance with statutory limitations).

In re: Bill Ackley, BIIA Dec., 09 11392 (2010).  (The worker’s option selection did not preclude total permanent disability determination).

In re: Emily Eyrich, BIIA Dec. 11 22230 (2013).  (A self-insured employer may be penalized for its delay in paying a penalty).

In re: Wallace Hansen, BIIA Dec. 90 1429 (1991).  (Medical notes construe a request to reopen).

In re: Twila Calhoon, BIIA Dec. 92 5813 (1994).  (Criteria used to assess permanent partial disability for a TMJ condition).

In re: Michael Woodley, BIIA Dec., 01 16625 (2002).  (Method of PPD reduction from pension reserve).

In re: Jana Roening, BIIA Dec., 04 22220 (2006).  (PPD calculation where AMA Guide is not specific).

In re: Daniel Estes, BIIA Dec., 96 0722 (1997).  (Propriety of loss of earning power where worker is not actively employed).


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